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Goodwill Facilities Maintenance Program - Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Solutions!

Our business services provide cost-effective custodial and facilities maintenance services your business needs to ensure a clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

Our mission-centered approach means that we aren’t focused on generating huge profit margins on the work we perform.

Our goal is to expand opportunities for individuals within our North Florida community who are experiencing barriers to employment.

Our business services seek to build partnerships with other organizations that want to help improve the lives of others.

The staff we provide to support your custodial and facilities maintenance needs will be highly trained.

But more importantly, they will be committed to exceeding your expectations and providing high-quality service.

Facilities Maintenance Services:

  • Waste Management: Collection and disposal of trash, recycling, and hazardous waste.
  • Lighting Maintenance: Replacing bulbs, maintaining fixtures, and ensuring adequate lighting.
  • HVAC System Maintenance: Routine inspections and filter replacements to maintain indoor air quality and temperature control.
  • Plumbing Maintenance: Repairing leaks, maintaining fixtures, and ensuring water systems function correctly.
  • Painting and Touch-Ups: Refreshing walls and surfaces to maintain a clean and attractive appearance.
  • Equipment Inspections: Regular checks and inspections of machinery and equipment to identify issues early.
  • Routine Lubrication: Applying lubricants to equipment and machinery to reduce friction and wear.
  • Safety Inspections: Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and addressing potential hazards.
  • Electrical System Maintenance: Checking wiring, outlets, and circuits for signs of wear or damage.
  • Building Inspections: Monitoring the building’s exterior for cracks, leaks, and structural issues.
  • Roof Maintenance: Inspecting and repairing* roofing materials to prevent leaks and water damage.*
  • Fire Safety Inspections: Ensuring fire alarms*, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems* are in good working order.*

*Subcontractor may be engaged at an additional cost.

Custodial Services:

  • Restroom Cleaning and Sanitization: Ensuring clean and hygienic restroom facilities for employees and visitors.
  • Office Space Cleaning: Regular cleaning of workspaces, including dusting, trash removal, and floor maintenance.
  • Common Area Cleaning: Keeping common areas presentable and tidy.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Deep cleaning and stain removal to extend the life of carpets.
  • Floor Waxing and Polishing: Maintaining a polished and professional look for all flooring types.
  • Window Washing: Ensuring clear and bright views.
  • Deep Cleaning Services: In-depth cleaning for hard-to-reach or neglected areas.
  • Emergency Cleanup: Rapid response to accidents, spills, or unexpected incidents.
  • COVID-19 disinfectant fogging.

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