Donation of Gently Used Items


Your Donations — the Power of Goodwill

Donations from people like you are the fuel that powers Goodwill’s ability to create jobs and connect job seekers with employers. We turn your gently used clothing, household items and even cars and computers into revenue that funds our activities and results in thousands of job placements every year!

For every dollar generated through donations — whether as items or direct monetary gifts — 91 cents goes back to our mission.

Looking for the nearest Goodwill? Use our locator to find the nearest retail store, donation site, or career center.

Goodwill Team Members


How Our Donation Process Works

From the moment your donation leaves your hand, it becomes part of our Goodwill mission. With your support, we create job opportunities and training services for our community — and divert millions of pounds of goods and cardboard from landfills.


Creating a Greener Community

Your donations and purchases — as well as your monetary support — protect our environment through reuse, repurposing, and recycling.

In 2022, we diverted over 13 million pounds of goods and cardboard from our landfills. Our team maximizes the value of every donated good with a multi-step lifecycle that helps keep waste from harming our environment and works toward a healthier community for our future generations.

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Items Not Accepted for Donation


Home Pickup Donations

We are always happy to receive your furniture and oversized donations in good condition at any of our Goodwill stores. But — when you need to get rid of your items and can’t drop them off yourself, you can hire our Goodwill Home Pickup service.

For a small convenience fee, we will handle all the details and will pick up and bring your donations to one of our facilities. Please call (904) 730-1882 to schedule your home pick up.

Goodwill home pickup
Home pickup

Home Pickup Pricing By Zipcode

$50 FEE $75 FEE $100 FEE
  • 32207
  • 32205
  • 32206
  • 32208
  • 32209
  • 32254
  • 32210
  • 32244
  • 32212
  • 32217
  • 32257
  • 32216
  • 32246
  • 32256
  • 32223
  • 32218
  • 32219
  • 32220
  • 32221
  • 32222
  • 32065
  • 32073
  • 32003
  • 32259
  • 32258
  • 32081
  • 32082
  • 32250
  • 32224
  • 32266
  • 32233
  • 32227
  • 32225
  • 32226
  • 32234
  • 32068
  • 32043
  • 32092
  • 32656
  • 32091
  • 32084
  • 32095
  • 32086
  • 32009
  • 32011
  • 32046
  • 32097
  • 32034

In order to serve all of the communities in our region, we will begin charging a convenience fee purely based on the distance traveled for pick-up. We will be able to service all of the locations listed above, please see pricing according to your area. Thank you so much for your donations and for choosing Goodwill of North Florida.


Cars Helping Charities

Donating your car can help someone in need find the drive to succeed! We are happy to accept cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs, boats and more. These items can be towed, free of charge, from the contiguous U.S., and the gift is tax deductible to the donor.

If you’d like to donate your vehicle, please visit Cars Helping Charities or call 866-701-CARS to arrange your donation, today.



Keep Track of What You Give Digitally

Your donations can be tracked online through our Donation Tracker site. If you have recently donated items to Goodwill, please follow the link to input your Receipt ID and create an account. Each time you donate you can input your items and print a summary at tax time.