The Corner at Debs Store

Creating the only affordable, sustainable, healthy grocery store in Jacksonville’s Historic Eastside neighborhood.

Project Summary

Renovating Debs Store

1478 Florida Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32206

In 2024, Goodwill Industries of North Florida will expand its traditional focus on employment, training and education to address one of the major challenges facing Jacksonville residents: a lack of access to healthy, nutritious foods. The Corner at Debs Store, at the corner of Florida Avenue and 5th Street, will bring fresh produce and groceries to the residents of Jacksonville’s Historic Eastside and surrounding neighborhoods, filling a void created by the 2011 closing of the original Debs Store. Working with our partners, LIFT JAX, the Debs Family, VyStar Credit Union, local community organizations and our donors, we seek to create a vibrant community space where residents can build healthier, more prosperous lives.

Why is this initiative so important?

Because access to healthy food is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

Have you ever been distracted in a meeting because you were hungry? Have you ever had to do homework on an empty stomach? The absence of access to nutritious food affects every aspect of life. We believe that The Corner will provide the needed access to healthy food becoming a cornerstone of growth, education, and the betterment of individuals and of the community as a whole.

This is where we need your support. Through the generosity of friends like you, we will be well on our way to establishing a sustainable, not-for-profit operation, ensuring that Eastside and urban core families can benefit from this essential resource now and for generations to come. As restoration efforts are well underway, we need funding for initial start-up costs including stocking the grocery market with fresh produce, equipment to keep the food fresh, transportation to pick up the fresh foods and bring it to the market, and other essential items. 

Your donation will be MATCHED up to $100,000.

The Corner at Debs Store, at the corner of Florida Avenue and 5th Street, will be more than just a grocery market operated by Goodwill; it will be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Our vision, which is becoming a reality, is to restore and operate this beloved store, providing the community with a consistent source of affordable, healthy, fresh food. By doing so, we aim to close the wealth gap, and offer career and financial wellness services through Goodwill’s GoodCareers Center, located on the second floor of Debs Store.

Thank you to all of the community partners