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Your Future Begins Now. Visit our GoodCareers Centers.

Jobs & Employment

Your Future Begins Now. Visit our GoodCareers Centers.

As a resources hub for the community, our GoodCareers Centers offer a no-cost, full-service career center for people who want to find the skills they need to be successful in their search.  

With a positive and supportive environment, anyone looking for work can access resources and learn skills to conduct an independent job search.


Jacksonville Beach: 1036 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Lakewood: 5953 St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Lenox: 4527 Lenox Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Gainesville: 3520 SW 34th Street, Gainesville, FL 32608

How can you benefit from using GoodCareers?

Hundreds of Current Job Leads

Soft Skills Workshops

Computers for Resume Prep and Job Searches

On-site Interviews and Career Fairs

Individualized Career Counseling and more!

What if I’m a community partner? 

We aren’t just a resource for people — we’re also a resource for businesses and organizations in our fourteen-county area. More than that, we’re a partner in helping to create a vibrant, healthy community by empowering individuals to find work and building a strong workforce for companies to thrive. 

Interested in seeing how we can help you? We’re flexible — and the opportunities are only as limited as our ability to imagine them. Want to host a career event in our space? We can offer that! Need us to come to you as a mobile career resource to offer training and skill development on-site? Our GoodCareers Centers are ready to assist in any way you might need us! Please call Goodwill at 904-384-1361 to find out more.

After all, we strive to meet people where they are — and that’s out in the communities we serve and at the organizations we partner with! 

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